Vanabode Camp, Travel And Live Forever On $20 A Day

Imagine what you would do and where you would go if I PROMISED
to show you how to live a complete life with all your needs met
for a day? Would you head to a national park like Yellowstone or Glacier
and hike and photograph wildlife for a month? Would you relax a month
away on Florida’s pristine white powder sand beaches sipping cold Mojito’s?
Would you hit the tables in Vegas for some exciting gaming, outrageous
pool parties, followed by a mind blowing world class show? Would you dine
out every night for a week on the pier in San Francisco? Would you go
hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, biking, boating, surfing, skiing, or
otherwise get off the grid and out of the grind for a month or two at
a time?

My wife and I have been doing this for years. Now you can get 700,000+
miles of travel experience over the course of 18+ years in my new book
entitled Vanabode – how to happily camp, travel and live forever on
a day.

You don’t eat soup with a fork. If you want to be successful and have
fun every single day of your life let me spoon-feed you a solid,
proven, well-explained plan. I cover everything you need to have a great
life on a day including delicious food, lodging, transportation, a
hot bath, a good nights sleep in your own clean bed, and days and nights
filled with great fun, romance and a never ending variety fun.

NO money and NO time means most people don’t get to go anywhere or do
anything.Vanabode solves both problems immediately. Here’s the first things
Vanabode will do for you.
1) Learn how to happily live on 0 a month with ALL your needs met and
travel anywhere anytime.
2) Vanabode shows you how to get out of debt (and earn a living while
traveling if you need income).
3) If you are bored you will learn how to get the time to do ANYTHING
you want.
4) If you hate your job you will learn how to quit your job and make money
working in some of the most exciting places in the United States like
national parks and state recreational areas.
5) If you want real adventure, romance and serious fun, you can have it

To sum up: I will show every single person how to get out
of their current situation and on to the road trip of a lifetime by using
the strategies and equipment my wife and I have used for 18+ years. With
this book you get the complete plan all in one place saving you hundreds
of hours of research. There is no need to scour the Internet in search
of answers only to find very questionable solutions from people you don’t
know. Every single chapter in this book will save you hundreds of dollars
a year in travel and living costs.

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so you can find this site again later. You may not have the time to read
it all right now. I have perfected the road trip by making it possible
to do it forever, and do it cheaply. You can too.

When you Vanabode you can stay for
weeks at a time in astonishing places. I show folks how we afford both
the time and the money to camp and explore for months at
a time. This makes a huge difference in your romantic life too. Image
above is where we played for a while on the coast of Washington. Here
you find surreal landscapes of lush forest, fresh water streams and rivers
flowing right into the ocean with a full range of beachside sealife.

My friends and family have asked us for over 10 years now “How do
you guys get to travel so much when you are only 38 years old? (we are
in our mid 40’s now) How do you pay for it when you don’t have jobs or
savings? Can you help us do it too?” Sure! Honestly, I would have
done it sooner but it was hard for me to get motivated to write a 120+
page book and stuff it full of pictures, when we were out surfing Malibu
Beach one week and biking San Francisco or catching a world class show
in Vegas the next.

“Mr. Odom really gets you to take a look at your life, and then
just when you think you are going to be depressed, he shows you how to
have it all. . . even on a budget that seems impossible” Charlie Stevens born in Huntsville Alabama

Click to order your own copy of “Vanabode”
otherwise more reviews and information follow.

Vanabode shows you how to happily camp, travel, and live
forever on a day including food, transportation and lodging.
This is not a gimmick; but rather a carefully thought out plan my wife
and I have put into practice over many years of travel. The book is complete
with all the details necessary to quit your job, and get some serious
time to yourself, anywhere you dream of going. You will learn how to
infuse your life, marriage, and family with the greatest, most romantic
memories possible while spending less than half what you spend at home
doing nothing.

You will learn how you can travel ANYWHERE in the United States, how
you will sleep in your own luxurious clean bed every night, how to have
a hot bath every day, how to eat delicious meals, and how to experience
incredible adventures for less than daily. You will not skimp or feel
neglected, bored or uncomfortable. On the contrary, I promise to show
you how to sleep better than you ever have, how to spice up your romantic
life, how to get the time you want and need to relax or pursue your favorite
hobby, how to eat healthier, and how to travel to new exciting destinations
of your choosing forever. For those that don’t have any savings or retirement
income I also include a list of more than 25 legitimate easy ways to earn
money while traveling all over the country. This way you can travel forever
if you want to.

The book includes a link to lists of free places to spend the night
or the month from over 50,000 locations in the United States. If
you want to stay put in one location for 3 – 6 months at a time,
like in a national park like Yellowstone or Glacier, I will show
you how two people can live happily on even less and get paid to
be there!

If you want to get started right now click
to order your own copy of “Vanabode” otherwise read
on for a more detailed list of what I reveal in this newest travel
book. Other peoples comments also follow everywhere on this page.


Picture: Glacier is only open about 3 months a year. This is why it
is important to Vanabode, because you have the time to go and do, when
the going and doing is good, not when your boss says you can.

You will learn how and where to apply for thousands of jobs that you
can do without experience while camping all over the United States in
some of the most exciting destinations you have ever imagined. I have
personally worked this way since 1994 and exclusively this way since 2005.

You will learn how to get the time and money for a temporary retirement,
sabbatical, or extended vacation. You will find this work invaluable if
you want more time to yourself: to write a book, compose music, create
a movie script, or get back on your feet after a divorce, financial disaster,
or family tragedy.

You will learn how to live super cheaply off the grid even if you don’t
want to travel.

You will learn how to get great sleep, how to maintain proper personal
hygiene with hot showers and toilet strategies, how to eat and afford
delicious exotic meals, all while living a life of adventure; safely,
easily, and cheaply.

You will learn how to cook hot meals anywhere without electricity, fire
or fuel, made from the freshest ingredients including organic fruits,
vegetables, meats, artisan breads, and cheeses purchased from thousands
of farmers markets and roadside produce stands across the country.

You will learn how to get rid of all your debt and stay debt free from
now on.

Image shows a wild sea turtle photographed off the coast of Florida
at a secret secluded clothing optional beach. My wife and I go Adam and
Eve for days here in pristine delicious privacy whenever we are in Florida.
The location is revealed in the book along with special must follow parking

You will learn how to happily live a complete and fulfilled life without
home ownership hassles, mortgage payments, electricity bills, water bills,
tax bills, homeowners association payments, real estate taxes, sewage
or trash bills, house insurance payments, pest control expenses, and more.

I will show anyone that thinks they cannot afford to travel, how to do

“Vanabode takes the biggest expenses incurred in a long vacation
(airfare, lodging and ground transportation costs) and throws them out
the window. Unbelievable but true…well done. If I could hug the author
I would.” Lucille currently hitting northern California

I show poker players who want to travel in America to exciting places
like Las Vegas and California, how to live the professional poker players
dream while preserving and growing their bankroll.

I show displaced workers, and those struggling financially, how to cut
costs and survive with their integrity and dignity intact.

I show those who don’t want a house to keep up with, like young surfers
or college students, how to live a fun life without a mortgage payment
or the responsibility of a house.

I show RV owners how to happily downsize from their massive motor homes
and fifth wheels, all the while saving money and expanding the places
they can travel to.

I show retirees the best way to keep their house if they want to, but
still travel cheaply and easily.

I show short term casual campers and normal families with young school
age children, how to travel and camp cheap and hassle free.

“How many books have you ever bought that showed you how to get
out of debt, travel AND find a job while doing it? This is crazy, but
I’m on board now baby and loving it” Eileen Mathews in Detroit

“This guy shows you how to cook without electricity, fire, fuel
or smoke: how to sleep for free in your own clean bed mortgage free every
night of the year: and eat out every night if you want on a day. You
just can’t top it” Tammy R. out of Branson Missouri

“The only book that you need to travel the entire United States.
Period.” Matt in Raleigh

There is no substitute for Las Vegas! Do you have any idea how much
fun you can have here? Vanabode shows
you how to get FREE access to the top night clubs and swimming pools here,
plus how to get free food, showers and show tickets. Poker players too
can live here for a day and make tons of money plying their trade.

Survivalists or those being stalked can learn how to disappear, leave
their past behind, and become invisible to creditors, government agencies,
credit bureaus, and anyone else they wish to avoid.

I show anyone that wants to run a mobile business like a website, hot
dog cart, or consulting company for example, how to do so with very little
overhead, freeing up their time and money.

I show those with a chronic fatal disease how to enjoy life to the fullest
before dying.

To Vanabode is to live: NOW. Come with me and you will discover
why this revolutionary lifestyle is so unique and sustainable. I am not
talking about a tiny little one-week-a-year trip to a distant place surrounded
by tourists where you hope the weather is good and pray you don’t get
sick and for a few hours you can almost forget your tired stress filled
life back home. Then you board the plane or ship and head back to your
old life; tired, sad and wanting so much more. NO! I am talking about
a method of traveling and living that is so much bigger, so much more
sustainable, so much more fun and enriching, that once you start you will
never…ever…view your life the same way again.

Unplug your television, shut out the world, curl up in a warm bed behind
a closed door with this ebook loaded on your laptop and travel to new
destinations: forever. Or you can print out a copy and take it
with you anywhere and read at your leisure.

You will have a friend on the road for
All Customers Get FREE Direct Email Support FROM THE AUTHOR FOREVER!

Vanabode is delivered electronically as a
PDF format eBook within 24 hours by email. This way you can enjoy
the benefits of active links to 100’s of pages of additional content
including job opportunities for campers, pictures, and email help
desk. You can read this 120+ page book on any computer or device
using the free Adobe Reader software already loaded on your computer.
You may print out your own copy of the book so you can read off-line

“I know it sounds corny but I think you may have saved my marriage
with this book. When I bought Vanabode I was very depressed and I thought
my wife was leaving me for sure. When I showed her the plans you outline
she changed her mind and broke down in tears and said “Lets go together,
please, please, don’t you see I just want to spend time with you. I am
sick of all the stress that is tearing us apart. I wanted to leave THIS
LIFE that has become such a grind, not leave YOU!”, anonymous
from Toledo

“Intelligent insight coupled with a lot of one-of-a-kind information.
. .” pro book reviewer

“I don’t care what kind of vehicle you use to see America, get
this book. He contrasts all kinds of living and traveling strategies from
being homeless to being rich, from tractor trailers to backpacking, from
houseboats to van camping. You will get the compete picture and when you’re
done you may be as convinced as I am (and as he is) that this Vanaboding
is by far the greatest way to do it all” Sam Stout in Baja Mexico

“If you want to go anywhere for more than 2 weeks at a time,
then you should certainly buy this book” Peter Arkins, Washington

National parks represent a treasure that we were astonished to find
were frequented by foreigners more often than by U.S. citizens. When I
asked my friends why they never went they all said the same thing. They
were too far away and they could never get enough time off work to go.
Vanabode solves these problems first.
The book demonstrates how to make both the time and the money to
visit these extraordinary national gems for months at a time.
Half Dome reflection at Yosemite National Park image © Starletdarlene

“Edward Hasbrouck is considered by most to be the top authority
on world travel having worked his way slowly through some 35+ countries
in 35+ years. He is the author of the worlds most complete work on travel
around the world titled “the Practical Nomad”. He has this to
say (quote) “No other country is more geographically diverse than
the United States.” (unquote) So what is stopping you? With this
masterful book and proposed new way of life that the author calls Vanabode
you can actually experience the greatest sights in the world from the
safest country, cheaply and easily by van. No planes, trains, or buses
needed.” Charles Saunders

“I had a lot of legitimate “excuses” why I could not
travel. He covers all of them in this book. I put his solutions to work
and we have been camping in Utah for 6 weeks now. The kids are fine, the
bills are paid, and we are eating better than ever. Fantastic!” Anthony
& Margaret Thomason – Miami

Wikipedia’s definition of a “disruptive technology” or “disruptive
innovation” describes Vanabode precisely; innovations that improve
a product or service in ways that the market does not expect, typically
by being lower priced or making something for everyone that was previously
only available to the rich.

Goat Rock State Park offers a rugged far out landscape to enjoy. Far
from the crowds you can find peace and a lot of things to do. Can you
see the beach? Can you see the rocky cliffs? Can you see the hiking trails?
Whales, seals, fish, deer, birds and more abound here. You just need the
time to take it all in. We spent a full week for free in this misty spellbinding

“I don’t care if you think it will be a year or even 5 years
before you can leave on your trip of a lifetime. Get this book NOW so
you can plan correctly! I did. It’s only been 4 months and I have already
tested my van and equipment with three 4 day remote camping trips. It
is a lot of fun!”. . . Tamara in Maine

“Vanabode helped me realize that it is not money I am short of,
but time. This book showed me exactly how to fix that” Randy in

“WOW! I am actually putting more money away while having the
time of my life cruising the country than did while at my boring job back
in Nebraska. Thanks for showing me how to do it” Steve Allistair

Click to order your own copy of “Vanabode”
otherwise more reviews follow.

“The first book I have ever bought that totally delivered.
The chapter where you showed people how and where to find work while
they are traveling was worth the price of the book just by itself”
Todd in Oregon

“I have been van camping for years but this book really
helped me. I thought I had it down pat but his helpful chapters
on time management, staying in big cities undetected, and saving
money were worth the price of the book times ten!” Andy
Brewster camping all over Canada

“Astonishing book” Robert from Wisconsin

“I’m not that creative. Really I’m just a workaholic. This
book has shown me how to spend more time with my little boys and
wife. He makes it easy with his simple step by step plans”
Art from Trenton

“I’ve always had this fantasy of quitting work and backpacking
around. But my legs won’t take it and it’s not safe. This Vanabode
idea is perfect. I am seeing all of the East Coast already. My average
daily spend is only a day. I highly recommend you get a copy
of this book if you want to go cheap” Heath from Texas

“Jason offers slap your face wake up calls with a sense of
humility” Robert, Valley Times

“He really makes travel possible for everyone. . .”
Peggy March living in Arizona

“When I read your line ‘Vanaboding is about spending time living
a fun life rather than spending money trying to buy a fun life’ I was
stunned. This is exactly what I have been doing for 20 years, trying to
earn enough money to buy our family a fun life. Thank you so much for
clarifying this and helping me on my way to finally living a fun life.
The resources and advice you provide in your book are priceless, at least
for me they are.” Name withheld

Right: Our rabbit bunny Bugsy traveled over 50,000 miles with
us over 8 years and has seen a lot of action for such a little guy.
He draws crowds like a magnet and for those purchasing Vanabode
hundreds of pictures of him all over the US are available for viewing.

“I’ve wasted many hours, sometimes days at time, reading over
rv websites trying to figure out how to pull this off with a motorhome.
He, on the other hand, gets right to the point with this travel
book. Problem solved and I’m on the road and debt free now”

Cindy from the Outer Banks

From the finest art galleries in America to rugged national parks; from
sandy seashores to desert rocky mountains; from small towns to big cities;
from wild life to wild times; you can have it all on a day.

Images above include fine art galleries we have visited, gorgeous
beaches in California, museums, Zion National Park, and my lovely wife
Kelly sliding down a snowy mountain on Mount Charleston 45 minutes outside
Las Vegas. My point is simple. If you Vanabode the way I lay it out for
you in the book you will have time to do whatever YOU want to do, and
you will have the money to do it FOREVER!

“I was very skeptical. For example, how do you take a bath while
traveling and living out of a van? (he calls his hybrid version Vanaboding)
How do you cook? How do you use the bathroom? I bought the book and I
have to admit, he does show you numerous, I repeat numerous, simple practical
ways to do all of these and more. He tackles the hard stuff head on. I
am very satisfied with my purchase of this book. Permission granted to
print this” Abigail and Steve from Albany

“In this age of scams it is really refreshing to have someone
honest helping you. He showed me how to avoid unnecessary debt while getting
on the road” Mary Ann from Timberton

“Vanabode shows you how to find work while camping out, and how
to get out and see America now before you are too old to do much of anything”
name withheld from California

“Vanabode isn’t just practical get it done information,
it is quite inspiring as well” Atlanta Rigors

“This book should be given to every teenager. Instead of
wasting their first year of life after school in some by the book
college, they could get a real education traveling America”
anonymous for obvious reasons

Understanding how to pack, what to bring, what you will need
and what you can leave at home, this is really important information
to have when planning a long trip like I am. Thanks” Catherine
McKinley in Biloxi

Photo above: One of our favorite pictures we have taken in 18+ years
of cruising around.

“Anybody can make use of this information whether traveling or
planning to travel, or just dreaming about it” Cubey May

“Your philosophy on living in America is second to none”
Abigail in San Francisco

“Vanabode explains quite simply hundreds of ways to preserve
your wallet while really enjoying the world” Michael Barton,

“This book pays for itself on the first camping trip you
take” Ken from Baltimore

Right: My wife and I pose at the top of a mountain in Montana.
Please believe me when I say YOU TOO CAN TRAVEL and do whatever
you want cheaply. Check out the book
and if you need help contact me.

“The references and resources listed in this book are worth the
cover price alone” Candice Milroy

“This is a top notch travel resource. It is completely original.
I don’t believe there is anything like it anywhere” seriously
grateful in Burlington

When was the last time you spent a month enjoying the beach? When you
Vanabode you can choose to spend your time on the calm snow white beaches
on Florida’s west coast, or the small wave surfer happy capital of the
United States on Florida’s east coast, or the rugged shoreline of northern
California with abundant wildlife watching and nighttime driftwood fires,
or southern California’s famous beaches where celebrities and big wave
surfers share the ocean with whales, sea lions, harbor seals and other
abundant wildlife.

I encourage you to get a copy of Vanabode today and start planning your
new life. I make it easier than you think. I promise. If for any reason
you are hesitating please email me and tell
me what it is that’s stopping you. I want to hear from you. I will
help you find your way.

You will have a friend on the road for
All Customers Get FREE Direct Email Support FROM THE AUTHOR FOREVER!

Vanabode is delivered electronically as a
PDF format eBook within 24 hours by email. This way you can enjoy
the benefits of active links to 100’s of pages of additional content
including job opportunities for campers, pictures, and email help
desk. You can read this 120+ page book on any computer or device
using the free Adobe Reader software already loaded on your computer.
You may print out your own copy of the book so you can read off-line




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