Stop The Anger Once And For All With Great Anger Management Techniques

Sometimes it’s helpful to see what you’re getting. Okay, here’s a list of the actual tracks on this audio program designed to “Stop The Anger Once And FOR ALL.”

Tracks-Part 1

1. What Kind of Anger Do You Have?
2. Reasons for Being Angry
3. Understanding How Anger Works
4. How Your Anger Became a Problem
5. Assessing Your Anger Level
6. Skills for Lowering Your Anger Level

Tracks-Part 2

7. Imagery Techniques8. Physical & Vocal Anger Release
9. Healing Your Inner Child
10. Healthy Anger
11. The Spiritual Warrior
12. Communication Skills

This has been by far our best seller among all of our audio products. That’s because it gets right down to the basics and covers all of them! Let’s take a look at what others have said:


“I’m an army social worker in Germany. I am working with a lot of soldiers who are coming back from Iraq. Many have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder issues, of which anger can be a symptom. I have listened to the Anger Management Techniques download several times and like it very much. I like using the techniques from with my clients. They seem to get a lot out of them.”

Major Solley, U.S. Army

“I ordered an Anger Management Techniques CD and I found it really helpful. I like Dr. DeFoore’s approach and even made some one-on-one appointments with him.”

Anonymous (to protect client confidentiality)

“I just wanted to let you know the downloads and the written information on your site have been very insightful and valuable to me. Having the ability to go back and listen to all or part of the downloads at work to help reinforce the information has been very nice.”

Holly Heaven



When you buy this excellent program, you have 60 days to try it out and see if it’s right for you. If it doesn’t meet all of your expectations, you can get a full refund within that 60 day period.



When you order this 40 minute audio program, you will receive a “Thank You” email that will include your download information and bonus links. When you download your product, it will be an MP3 audio file that you can listen to immediately and play on your computer or IPOD. You will be able to start listening and getting your benefits within minutes. Just click on the “Order Now” button, and you will be taken to a page where you can complete your purchase. It’s as easy as that!


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Thanks for being here, and for making this effort to create more health and happiness in your life! I believe that when you help yourself and your family, you are helping everyone. So with that in mind, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this page, and making the effort to add to the goodness in the world from your own.

With warmest regards,


P.S. If you haven’t realized it yet, this program has everything you need to solve your anger problems once and for all! And you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by clicking above to order now!

P.P.S. I give you my personal and professional assurance that if you use and practice these Anger Management Techniques to Stop The Anger Once And FOR ALL, you will have the lasting peace and control you’ve been looking for. Why wait?



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