Rv Check-list.

means having to think about a lot of different things.
From buying your RV to hitting the road with it, checklists
are a huge help. I started to make my own lists, but
the process was daunting. So, I did some Googling and
came across Malia’s RV Checklists. These lists
cover every aspect of RVing and are easily adapatable
to your own unique situation. I used the ‘pre-delivery
inspection’ list to determine that the Glendale
Royal Classic destined to be Miranda was worth bringing
to an inspector while the Minnie Winnie wasn’t
and the ‘comparison’ checklist to easily compare
my short list of rigs. There are special lists for 5th
wheels and travel trailers and driving lists for motorhomes.
The checklist for ‘towing a car’ enabled me
to quickly hook up my toad the first time I tried, with
no help whatsoever. I especially like that there are
opposite checklists, for example one for arriving at
camp and one for leaving, since doing what you did when
you arrived, only backwards, isn’t always all that
needs to be done upon departure (or vice versa!). Rae
Crothers – Travels with Miranda

JOB! ….We’re getting a 5th wheel and…there’s so
much to prepare for, especially selling everything we
own. Thank you for a great check list. I put it in a
plastic folder. DM

I am prior Air Force (31 years), I LOVE working off
of checklists – and I really like yours and your
website! CS

am in the process of shopping for a used RV, so my focus
right now is on your comparison checklist for buying
pre-owned. I appreciate the format and your experience;
you saved me from making my own table or Excel checklist.

list was great. While the dealer did a great job in
covering everything, having your checklist to review
was perfect. MJ

from fulltimerblog.com:

who owns a motorhome or RV knows the value of checklists.
Without checklists, there is going to be such a higher
chance of you losing something, forgetting something
at your last campsite, or worse- causing damage to your
RV or Motorhome from forgetting some simple maintenance
before hitting the road. Now, not only are checklists
important, but for you to get the most out of those
checklists, you need to be able to print them in bulk
and on demand.

regular printed books, you just can only write on the
checklist so many times. Maybe 2 or 3 times at best
before you’re asking yourself, “Why did I
get this book?“. But, and this is where eBooks
are actually superior to older bound books, with ebooks
you can print out any page hundreds- even thousands-
of times. So if you are the type of RVer who just loves
to have that checklist on how to Flush the Septic System
but you don’t need the checklist for Pre-Planning
Your Used RV Purchase, then forget the latter and print
10 of the first one. It’s a custom ebook, built
for you.

the best ebook I’ve come across for RV, Motorhomes,
Travel Trailers, Class A B and C’s, Camper Vans,
and 5th Wheels is hands down Malia’s RV Checklists.
She’s got all the checklists, updated, and it’s
CHEAP too..you’ll get paid for that ebook purchase
hundreds of times over in return.”



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