Professional Magic Tricks Exposed – Mind Blowing

“Some Amazing Facts About Learning Magic …And why you shouldn’t even think about learning magic until you read every word of this letter!”1. Magic is easy to learn and doesn’t take years of practice to master. (It’s true, but professional magicians don’t want you to know this!)2. The best magic secrets are closely guarded by the professionals, so they can look better than you when they perform. (Until now that is! :-)3. You can start learning magic at any age young or old.

“This eBook Should Not Be Allowed”

“I have been a pro Illusionist for over 30 years, this eBook should not be allowed it gives too much away, it’s about the best value book ever for a person to learn from, the writer will never get into the Magic Circle after publishing this!”Carl De Rome, Professional Magician, Norway.

ONE: 354 other magicians have already read and successfully performed the same magic tricks exposed you’ll be learning in this eBook.TWO: In the past 8 weeks alone, over 3920 people have signed up to receive my exclusive Magic Trick newsletter.THREE: I’m the only person in the magic community that will let you keep his entire eBook FREE if it doesn’t work for you.If you do not think this is the best magic purchase you have EVER MADE bar none, you can get a refund.

“Great Tricks”

“Simon, Really liked the eBook, some great tricks and excellent step by step guides as to how to maximise the effect. Cheers for a great purchase :)”Alex Mensforth, West Yorkshire UK.

“Bargain Price & No Postage”

“Hi Simon, What can I say you pay you get your magic within the hour, very good way for you and for the customer at a bargain price and no postage. Please let me know when you release some more magic tricks in this way. Many thanks, keep up the good work!”Rod Win, Essex UK.

“Great Value”

“Your eBooks are written in such a way that it makes learning these tricks so easy. I was performing them and getting killer reactions the day after receiving them. They would be great value at twice the price!”Steven – Illusionist, Australia.

“Excellent eBook”

“You’ll kick yourself when you find out how simple some of the tricks are after you’ve seen them done. I’ve already bought some of these tricks before buying this eBook. Some of them i.e. the crushed and restored coke can and the cut and restored currency I paid £10 () each for. So this is a bargain!”Jimi Todd, Tyne & Wear UK.

Thank You for protecting my purchase with your 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Wishing you success in your performances!Sincerely,Simon Crack(Fellow Magic Enthusiast)



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