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This guide will show you how to get rid of niggling injuries, recover quicker and get better at soccer, or your money back. Not only will you relieve pain immediately, you’ll find these routines give you a zen-like sense of calm and all allow you to take your game to the next level.

Armed with this information, you’ll regain control of your body, your performance and your wallet.



Maybe you’re struggling to recover from serious injury.

Perhaps you suffer from niggles that stop you reaching peak fitness.

Or it could be that your body just doesn’t feel as good as it did a few years ago.

Your touch is off and you’re misplacing passes. Somethings wrong and you cant quite put your finger on it.

With just 20 minutes of exercises a day, you can reverse these restrictive muscular patterns, which are known as Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA).

Thats just a way of saying your body’s all tight and out of sync due to the the build of injuries, desk work and the stresses of modern life. But it’s fixable.


My name is Jonathan Hunt and I’m a former professional footballer.

As a footballer, I achieved top flight status in a career spanning over a decade.

I spent two successful years at Derby County in the English Premier League as well as three seasons with Birmingham City, collecting a Player of the Year and Top Goal Scorer awards along the way.



After my professional career finished, I decided to travel. On my way around the world, I made a discovery that not only completely cured me of my pain, but returned me to playing football with an enhanced freedom of movement that I wouldn’t have believed was possible.


After years of striving to find freedom of movement following a serious back and pelvic injury, my discovery and subsequent learning experience of somatic exercises brought about a profound healing of myself and, as a fully qualified Hanna Somatic Educator, of others.

Amazingly, after almost five years away from the game I love, I was able to restart my playing career at a semi-professional level in the Conference South and Ryman Premier Leagues.


I am now training and playing games with greater comfort and ease of movement at 41 than I was in my mid to late twenties.

And I’m still scoring goals.


I attribute this to the daily use of the somatic exercises you are about to be shown.

No more throwing money at specialists who have no real incentive to cure you of your discomfort. If you currently spend over a year on visits to physios, chiropractors, osteopaths, yoga classes, whatever it may be, then you’re saving money the second you buy Pain Free Football, and you’ll go on saving.


Ronnie Fletcher, Semi-Professional Footballer

You don’t have to be back and forth to a specialist all the time which is great on both my time and finances. Somatics is the only thing to work for my back pain. I cannot speak highly enough of Jonathan and the programme he has developed for me. I firmly believe Pain Free Footballhas prolonged my career and improved my performance levels.

Youre in control. The exercises take just 20 minutes a day.


Tommy Black, Former Professional Footballer (Arsenal, Crystal Palace)

Pain Free Football has been great for reducing my recovery times in football. Before discovering Somatics, it would take me a good few days until I was able to train or play games again. Now by using my daily somatic exercises I am fit and ready to go in no time at all. I generally feel less stiff and have reduced muscle soreness after games. I highly recommend any footballer or sports person looking to improve their performance levels to contact Jonathan and use these exercises.

With Pain Free Football, you’ll be stronger, fitter and more flexible than ever before. You’ll have the ability to eliminate niggling injuries and recover faster.

Paul Devlin, Former Professional Footballer (Birmingham & Scotland)

Since taking up Pain Free FootballI have found numerous benefits, less muscle stiffness, quicker recovery times, increased flexibility and greater injury prevention. I would strongly recommend it to anybody.



If you can, Pain Free Football is a 39-page PDF expertly illustrated by soccer lover Dan Leydon. He’s done an amazing job.

The price is .95and will surely save you that many times over. When you break it down over a year, that’s [insert_php]
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On top of that, Pain Free Football comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. More on this in a moment.

Inside, you’ll find:


My story
The science of somatic exercises explained
A quick, 20-minute, 9 exercise daily routine

A longer, 45-60 minute, 15 exercise routine

Detailed recommendations, guidance
& ongoing support to help you to cope with
football injuries and overcome them


If you have any questions, just email me on I’m so confident these exercises will change your life in the same way they did mine that I’ll offer you a full refund if you’re not satisfied after six weeks. 

Just click ‘ADD TO CART’ and you’re on your way. Trust me, this will work for you.






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