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With LSLC Nivel Dos You’ll Be Able to Master
Spanish and Take Your Spanish-Speaking Skills
to the Next Level

This above picture shows the main portion of the LSLC Nivel Dos CD Package — Lessons 31 to 60 Specially Engineered to take Your Spanish Speaking Skills to the Next Level. 

And here’s an outline of the main section (Lessons31 to 60) of the CD package of LSLC Nivel Dos.

You Will Discover How toMaster the
Subjunctive Mood with Nivel Dos

From hundreds and hundreds of emails that customers have sent me – and from personal experience – I have learned that one of the most challenging Spanish topics for native English speakers is the subjunctive mood.

That’s why Nivel Dos has 10 Spanish Lessons covering the Subjunctive Mood. With Nivel Dos I promise you that you’ll master the subjunctive mood quickly and easily.

And there’s much more to Nivel Dos than the 30 lessons in the outline above . . .   

Discover How to Take Your Spanish to the Next Level with Ten More Spanish Lessons in Bonus Section A 

This above picture shows Bonus Section “A” of the LSLC Nivel Dos CD Package. These bonus lessons will take your Spanish speaking skills beyond the “next level.” 


Here’s an outline of what Bonus Section A of the CD package covers.

A. Imperfect tense (including progressive mood)
B. Present perfect tense
C. Present perfect tense and vocabulary about wild animals
D. Present perfect tense continued
E. Present perfect tense continued
F. Pluperfect tense continued
G. Pluperfect tense continued
H. Pluperfect tense continued

And there’s more to this Bonus section. You also get instant access to Bonus Lesson I (the passive voice) and Bonus Lesson J (“estilo indirecto”) by digital download.

For Your Learning OR Just For Your Entertainment – Nivel Dos Includes 2 Bonus Colloquial Spanish Lessons or Spanish Slang Lessons

As soon as you place your order, you’ll get two Colloquial Spanish or Spanish Slang lessons by digital download. If you’ve ever wanted to learn Colloquial Spanish or Spanish Slang, you will find that learning it using the LSLC method makes it “muy fácil” to learn.

Maybe you have no desire to learn Colloquial Spanish or Spanish Slang. And that’s quite all right. But you’ll still find the Colloquial Spanish or Spanish Slang lessons very amusing and entertaining.

This above picture shows the Bonus DVD for LSLC Nivel Dos. This DVD is designed to accelerate your Spanish vocabulary and listening comprehension.  

As I mentioned before, I answer my own phones. It helps me understand and learn about my customers needs and wants. There’s one common question that I hear from customers all the time:

“I’m a visual learner. Does LSLC come with any pictures or graphical learning aids?”

I have been asked this question over and over again. Not only by adults looking for a course to teach themselves Spanish. But I have also been asked this question by parents looking for a course to teach their entire families. Until now my answer to that question has always been “NO.”

That’s why we developed the LSLC Bonus DVD. The bonus DVD has over 1 hour of content.

The instructor only speaks in Spanish during the DVD because that’s exactly what you need to take your Spanish to the Next Level. And she speaks at a pace that is both easy enough for an Intermediate level student to understand but also challenging enough for an Intermediate level student.

And the LSLC team put just as much effort into developing the Bonus DVD as they put into developing the audio sections of Nivel Dos. The LSLC team and I interviewed close to 20 native Spanish instructors from nearly every Spanish speaking country — just to find the instructor with the most INTERACTIVE teaching method.

The instructor – se llama “Christina” – uses a method that is so interactive that you will forget that you are watching a DVD and begin to feel like you are actually sitting in her class being taught by her one-on-one.
But don’t take my word for it . . .  double click on the “play” button below and sample one of Christina’s interactive Bonus DVD lessons for yourself.

You probably noticed from Christina’s accent that she is a native of Spain.

In fact, you’ll learn both Latin American Spanish and European Spanish with the Bonus DVD.

That’s because during the DVD video shoots one of our LSLC instructors from either Colombia or Mexico was always present.And every time Christina used a Spanish word that was more commonly used in Spain than Latin America, the LSLC instructor then made sure that Christina ALSO said the same word BOTH in Latin American Spanish and European Spanish.

Nivel Dos is NOT a perfect Spanish course.  Despite the two years of hard work that the LSLC team put into developing this course it is not perfect. It has its flaws.

I felt that it was important that the narrator is a native Spanish instructor.  That way he’d be able to explain things to you in the lessons that a non-native Spanish instructor would not be able to explain to you. I also considered it important that the narrator is a native Spanish instructor so that you’d could also imitate his pronunciation and easily develop an authentic Latin American Spanish accent. But there was a tradeoff . . .

Since the narrator is a native Spanish instructor and NOT a native English instructor, he mispronounced a  couple of English words and made an English grammatical error.

At one point, he said the English word “bird” but it sounds more like he said “bud” as in “bud” the “cerveza.” I also just realized that he used the word “sheeps” as the plural word for “sheep.”

But I am assuming that you are not buying LSLC Nivel Dos to learn how to speak English. In that case, the narrator’s errors with the English language are minor flaws.



I’ve talked enough. Now it is time for me to ask you a very serious question:

Are you really serious about taking your Spanish to the Next Level?

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