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My Fiancé Elisa and I purchased your eBook recently and I wanted to commend you on this book, it is one of the best inside travel book of Italy I have seen.  This book is too good to not have it on paperback is their anything in the works to print some to paperback? 

James L., Tennessee, USA

It’s a must read to anyone traveling in Italy. It’s witty, easy to read and quite informative with a ton of great tips.

Dina A., Washington, USA

If you plan to spend any time at all in Italy, buy this book! Italy from the Inside is a practical, clearly written, well-illustrated and charming guide to the nitty-gritty of Italian everyday life.
If only I had it on my first trip to the supermarket – armloads of groceries because I couldn’t figure out how to get a shopping cart.

Francesca explains what we all take for granted at home but may be unsure about when we leave for parts unknown: ordering in a restaurant, road signs, shopping, parking, tipping, using ATMs, bidets, and gassing up. Italy from the Inside is unique – there are no other publications on the market like it.

Downloading was a snap and I appreciated the free up-date. It would make a great gift for novice, experienced and arm chair travelers to Italy.

Complimenti e grazie mille,

Roberta D., Maine, USA

Some weeks ago I received your wonderful eBook “Italy from the Inside”.  I have spent many, many hours reading and enjoying  this informative and easy to understand guide book.  I love the format with great photographs which have explained my many questions about public transportation on buses and trains. 

Your book puts my mind at ease about what to expect and how to enjoy my travel because of a clearer understanding of how things operate in Italy.  I have collected so much valuable information through your website and your book.  You provide a unique presentation which is so friendly and easy to follow. 

Reading your book was like having good friends sit down with me and walk me through exactly what I need to do.  Your book is so user friendly with clear photos on how   to use a telephone, buy groceries, go to the pharmacy for particular emergencies, buy train tickets and on and on, so much more than I could have imagined. 

I absolutely am so happy to have discovered your book and heartily recommend this to everyone that wants to visit Italy with a feeling of comfort and ease and to discover and understand the country on a much more intimate level. 

I have bought other guide books as well but feel your book is uniquely different and such a good complement to my other travel guides.  Italy from the Inside is unique in its presentation. 

Thank you so much. 

Barbara C., California, USA

After moving from the U.S. to Italy a few short months ago, I discovered “ Italy from the Inside”. I couldn’t have found it at a better time!

I can’t even put into words how this book has helped our entire family. It has all the inside information no other book about Italy has. It has made our life here so much easier. I feel it has given me more confidence in daily life.

I was very nervous about driving in Italy but after reading the sections about driving in Italy and highway information it answered all the questions I had about road signs and driving on the highway (you can’t find that in any other book)!

The information in this book is a must have for anyone traveling to, or living in Italy. I plan on carrying it with me in the car anywhere we go (you never know when you might need it)!

Thank you Francesca and Paolo for creating such a one of a kind book!

Your loyal reader

Courtney R., Avigliana, Italy



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