How To Make A Killing Selling Bead Jewelry

“Ultimate guide revealing
proven steps to successfully sell
beaded jewelry”

169 jam-packed
pages of the latest 2010 jewelry selling secrets.  Everything
you ever wanted to know profiting from handcrafted beaded
jewelry – including how to source at the lowest prices.

See your income soar
from new profit sources.  Instant results!  Dynamic
growth potential.

Cash for
good Jewelry is out there with Your Name on it! Everyone
wants extra income. 
You’ll feel great when your custom jewelry brings in
thousands of extra dollars. 
It’s easier than you think, and this straightforward book
shows you how.For years
you’ve been threading beads, designing jewelry. Your hobby has made
you an expert in the craft. 
Your home is a jungle of beads, your drawers are
overflowing necklaces – and you’ve run out of friends and relatives to give
away to. 

Now is the time to make money from
your handcrafted jewelry. 

Don’t hesitate taking your
hobby to the next level. 

You need the extra lucrative
income to fight the recession, and it’s a lot of fun. 
It’s easy to sell handcrafted jewelry, since there’s always a market
for originality.  Large
jewelry companies can’t compete with you because of the high-cost of
design.  One-offs don’t
come cheap. 

There’s a huge demand for original well made jewelry.  The
problem facing most crafters is finding paying customers
among increasing competition.
To succeed you must carefully plan everything. 
Minimize costs, maximize selling price, and market
like hell.  If you follow some of the ideas in this book, you WILL make

There’s a huge demand for original well made jewelry.  The
problem facing most crafters is finding paying customers
among increasing competition.

beading success manual is saturated with hundreds of
little-known proven jewelry selling techniques. All the
information you’ll ever need to help you make money from
your bead jewelry passion.

Generate a regular revenue stream from other stores – including how to sell
from florist & bridal shops

Making money can be difficult

There’s more to making jewelry as an income than just buying beads, copying
a design, and hoping someone will buy. 
It’s very frustrating for the beginner to find most of their
expensive stock is wasted and the jewelry they painstakingly made won’t
sell.  A complete waste of time
and money!

Then there’s the hardest part: getting started!  What’s been holding you back up to now is your negativism. 
This book will motivate you to start
immediately, and follow through
to make lots of cash.  Even if you
already make and sell designs, I’m sure you crave the fruit
real success brings.

You wouldn’t start on a journey without a plan and a map. 
It’s the same with designing and selling jewelry – you need to follow
carefully proven steps.  You
could learn your own way over a few years, but it would cost you a lot
of money, time, and frustration trying! This book will show you how to avoid
the common errors:

  Buying the
wrong beads – and the right beads at the wrong price  Making the
wrong type of jewelry  Expecting
sales with little marketing

Relying on only one way to sell and not trying anything need
Missing opportunity for easy sales

Selling at a loss or very little profit

Wasted money with leftover beads

Quiet times of the year bringing cash flow problems





Just a Small Sample of What You’ll Learn When You Download Your Copy of

How to Make a Killing Selling Bead Jewelry:

Powerful inspiration & how to start
selling RIGHT away
   How to
sell at fairs, home & e-parties & other stores


How to sell jewelry in bridal & florist shops

How to
build a website and online jewelry store   Marketing
tricks for your website or online store   The
secrets to become an eBay jewelry power seller
   How to
easily open a credit card merchant account

How to make a killing selling at jewelry shows

   How to
calculate the right price for maximum profit   How to
get other people selling successfully for you   How to
take photographs that sell
How to dramatically increase orders with gift vouchers 

to find lucrative new markets to sell your jewelry

How charities can bring you big returns  

   How to
get sales by charging more than your competitors  
How to earn money teaching jewelry making 


Where to source good
quality beads below wholesale
   How to
travel overseas to source beads  

   How &
where to buy beads in the Far East  
How to profit from the
secrets of pearls, jade and coral   How
magical beads can
bring you high-yielding returns


How findings make you
more money  


to profit by selling seasonal jewelry  


How to design jewelry
that buyers’ swarm for


How to turn your leftover
beads into gold

How to use the benefits of gemstones



If you order within 3-days,
I’ll give you the chance to download a bonus e-book
Gemstone Properties

Healers and new agers believe certain gemstones heal on a
metaphysical level, because of the earth’s energy that has been
absorbed by these stones.  This book
explains what the stones are, along with a color photograph of each,
and the benefits of 48 of the most popular gemstones used to make
jewelry today.
Not only
is this
bonus book fascinating reading
– but
it’s a wealth of knowledge opening new channels of
information which you can use to help sell your jewelry.  Don’t miss
out on the golden opportunity to acquire your own copy of this
valuable book, usually sold for . And you can keep this e-book even if you get a refund
of How to Make a Killing Selling Bead Jewelry!

Why I wrote this guideI’ve
received many e-mails from frustrated customers about making and selling beaded jewelry.  Yet when I looked for a book on the subject, I couldn’t find any. 
There are lots on making jewelry and a few on selling, but all
are very limited and lacking detail. 
I know, because I’ve read most of them! 
Basically there is a lack of information out there, and what does
exist is unclear, longwinded, dated, and plain

This gap in the market encouraged me to write my own
guide to help the hundred-of-thousands struggling to make a few bucks
from their hobby.  I built a
website with a questionnaire asking what they wanted to know.  
It seems there is hunger to start, but people are reluctant to take the
first steps.  And many that
do try designing jewelry find it difficult to sell. 

These people tell me “I can’t rent a space in a jewelry fair
because it’s too expensive”. What they really mean is they can’t sell
enough to cover the costs!

The secret to success in any business is marketing. 
This guide distills all the marketing skills I’ve learned the
hard way over 34-years in business. 
Learn from my mistakes! 
Some of the selling steps detailed in plain English are:


Value for money
This guide is very comprehensive:
71 sections in 169-pages cram packed with invaluable information. 
Some e-books costing a lot more only give half as much! 
Not only that, but it’s written from a beader who’s been running
a successful bead business for over ten years! 


here to see the many categories – I think
you’ll agree it covers just about EVERYTHING you need to know to buy,
make, and successfully sell beaded jewelry for very good profit. 

“I stand behind my claims”

“I’m so confident you’ll agree with
everything I say, that if you’re not 100% satisfied after
60-days, I’ll refund you in full! 
You have nothing to lose. 
See for yourself that the ideas enclosed do actually
work. But don’t waste time, follow the instructions right away –
I want you to make money quickly!”

Don’t hesitate – order your copy NOW!

“If for
any reason you think the book’s not worth at least what you
paid, I’ll refund you in full. 
No hassle.  No
questions asked.  Just e-mail me with details of your payment.”

Just one idea out of the hundreds
suggested could make you a lot of money. 
Even the first chapter’s worth a fortune to you if it
succeeds in motivating you to sell more.

If you’d like a sneak
preview, you can download two sections by clicking here. 
There’s no obligation to buy the rest of the book. 

Read the guide.  Examine the strategies.  Test the ideas.
Use the system.


However, if How to Make a
Killing Selling Bead Jewelry helps you achieve your dream of
making money from beading, then I’d appreciate an email of your
success story telling me about the results you achieved – and
tell your friends about it too!

There’s zero risk to you – not one
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 
Good luck.     

a Resource Like This Worth?
To have someone credibly research all this
in-depth information and present it in
a way so easily understandable would cost you thousands of dollars.
 Particularly in such a
specialist business.  It’s taken me literally hundreds of hours to
write.Which is why
How to Make a Killing Selling Bead
Jewelry is such a bargain at .99.

That’s right, a fraction of what it’s really worth or what it cost me to
research. Why have I make it so affordable?
 I’m practically
giving the guide away at this
price!  Because I’m a beader
myself and this is my first e-book, I want it to be a success (I’d like
to write more).  Plus, my
costs to deliver it to you are so low.  
However, once I get a few more testimonials from satisfied
customers, the price will
increase – so don’t wait too long before purchasing!

When you consider the work involved and its direct cash value to YOU, it
really is a bargain!  Just a couple
of strands of good beads.  Beading and making jewelry books will
never be top sellers, so it’ll be hard for me to cover my costs.

I could have easily make a lot more money splitting the guide into two
or three separate books or selling everything as monthly classes
(especially as the guide’s so extensive). 
Just one of the hundreds of selling and marketing secrets
enclosed will bring you many-times more than the cover price. 
Both in extra profit you’ll make selling and in savings
purchasing beading supplies. 

Take advantage of the no-risk guarantee and free bonus
book on Gemstone Properties and order
RIGHT AWAY!  Your payment is totally

You can be on your
way in five minutes!No waiting for the mailman, the
guide will be delivered to your computer in minutes. 
Simply click the above link and enter the information on the
totally secure server (see the https in the URL – “s” is for secure). 
The guide comes in PDF format which is the most
popular for e-books because it can be read using ANY computer or
operating system. 

Over 99% of computers have a PDF reader installed, but if you need one
the Abode Reader is free

You can then printout or

easily search different topics, words, or pages to

read from your
screen.  This is important as the guide is designed for fast
reference to valuable information, rather than the type of book you read
from cover-to-cover.

Still not convinced?

Guide to Cashing in on eBay

This little book will get you selling on eBay and quickly help
you to build up to Power Seller status. Ideal for the beginner.


Welcome to eBay and Tons of Income Opportunities!


What You Need to Know Before Getting Started


5 Easy Steps to Posting Your First eBay Auction


An eBay Seller’s Checklist


What’s Your eBay Reputation Really Worth?


10 Steps to Successful Selling on eBay


How to Think Like an eBay PowerSeller


Choosing the Right eBay Product Category


Tips on Writing Your eBay Title


eBay Description Writing Tips


10 Tips for Increasing Your eBay Response


The eBay Glossary


Resource Guide & Bonuses

This book sells for .99, but if you take advantage of our offer for
the brand new, published summer 2010, book How to Make a Killing
Selling Bead Jewelry, it’s yours for free.

The bonus books alone are worth

The bonus books alone are worth

This is The Opportunity You’ve
been Waiting For!

You’re free to make as much riches as you want. 
Whether you sell jewelry just weekends or you want to escape the
hassle of a 9-to-5 job and make it
your full-time income.No matter what, this guide’s a bargain for
you. Order NOW, and be reaping the benefits in a very short time. 
Before I plan on raising the price to once I get a few more
testimonials from satisfied customers!  Remember, it’s packed with
priceless up-to-date 2010 Information.

here to order Securely through
ClickBank.99 is a modest investment compared
to what you learn from these
secrets.  You’ll make it
back on your first sale!And don’t worry, if for any reason
you’re not happy with the guide, I’ll refund you in full. You have
nothing to lose.

60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee








 Don’t forget – this PRICELESS information comes to you with a full
60-day guarantee.  You have nothing to lose! 


If you have a friend or relative who might benefit from this guide, do
them a favor by sending them a link to this site.  Copy & paste the
URL in your browser into an e-mail.                 

e-mail enquires

of contents           



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